Infographic Gallery - It Cannot Stress Me Out

Exam is coming! How’s your revision going?
It Cannot Stress Me Out/Exam is coming!/Set a revision plan/Remember to allow time to unwind!#Watching live is urgent but revision is more important right now!Get motivation to study /Take steps to solve problems/Start with a topic that you feel confident/Seek help from your peers in a study group, teachers or other senior students/When overcoming problems, remember to cheer yourself up with some rewards/Overcome distraction/Limit the meet-ups at social media/E.g. Try to keep your mobile phone off before 8pm/Maintain a healthy lifestyle/Exercise/Healthy diet/Adequate sleep/A relaxed and well-rested mind and body/Believe in yourself/More self-encouragement/It’s never too late to start!Do your best and no regrets!