Infographic Gallery - What is malicious speech?

What are the impacts of malicious speech?
Online malicious speech / What is malicious speech? / Stories of Good People Good Deeds / Stories of Good People Good Deeds / A student fell in the street, the guy in glasses offered help kindly/ Publish defamatory comments against a person or a group of people / A form of verbal attack / No good deed goes unpunished. You all made irresponsible comments / You guys commented so badly!/ Did the student fall intentionally? / You can tell just by appearance that he’s an IT guy! / That guy must have bad intentions / He just tried to be nice, can you all say something nice instead/ Who are you? Is he a friend of yours? / What are the impacts of malicious speech? / Cause harm to the people being targeted / Cause negative impacts on bystanders: / Malicious speech tends to stay in memory / Become less alert to “prejudice” / Increase conflicts with others / Difficult to maintain mutual respect with others and build harmonious interpersonal relationships