Infographic Gallery - Ice Breaking Tips

ICE BREAKING TIPS: You have no friends? No way!
Ice Breaking Tips/Take the initiative to break ice/When you feel difficult to get into other's circles, you can try to take the initiative to chat with others and develop mutual understanding. Social Network /You can try to build the interpersonal network bit by bit in daily life. Friendly Classmates/You can start befriending classmates who are friendly and helpful. Making Good Friends If you can make good friends in school, you can always have support and care around, even though there may be difficulties at times/Break the Ice (A)/To break ice, you can take the initiative to be friendly, e.g. saying “hi” or smiling. Break the Ice (B)/Try starting a conversation and see if you have something in common and share with them your interests. Communication skills/As long as you treat people friendly, pay attention to our tone and wording when speaking and improve your interpersonal communication skills, it is not difficult to get to know each other.