Infographic Gallery - Exploring the Journey of Love

Everyone starts dating. Does everyone really want dating?
Exploring the Journey of Love/More than Friends/ Not yet Lovers/Exploring the Journey of Love/Start to have fantasy and curiosity about him/her. Want to know more about and get along with her/him and ultimately become lovers.But …/Why do I want dating?Lonely?Want what everyone else has?Prove that I am attractive?Am I impatient?If one is too eager to turn “friendship” into “relationship”, one might easily fantasize the other which may not be the reality.If one is too hasty on dating, one might jump from the stage of “having good impression on her/him” or “getting to know more about her/him” to the stage of “lovers” too quickly.If a couple lacks mutual understanding and acceptance, it would lead to break-up easily.Attractive to me = Suitable for me?Start with friendship/From daily interaction/Get to know each other and think whether you get along with her/him/Acknowledge each other’s feelings/Work together for the future/Let’s enjoy exploring the journey of love.Learn and grow!