Infographic Gallery - No longer addicted to internet

Pay attention to the costs of indulging in internet
Internet Addiction / No longer addicted to internet / Log your online activities, pay attention to the impacts of indulging in internet on your daily life / Time / Things you need to do / Things you actually did / Impacts on my life / 07:15 / Get up for school / Played video games till late night, felt tired and woke up late / Late for school / 14:00 / Have History lesson / Kept thinking about going online / Hard to concentrate / 15:30 / Play balls with friends / Made excuse to leave early to go home to use internet / Less social life / 19:00 / Dine with family / Had cup noodles in bedroom, fought with parents about it / Affected eating habits / Relationship with parents getting worse / 23:30 / Go to bed / Used internet secretly, slept only when exhausted / Lack of sleep / List the benefits and costs of indulging in internet, increase motivations for not overusing it  / My benefits / Forget about troubles, be relaxed immediately / Play video games as much as I want to pamper myself after a hard day of work / Using internet can kill time and boredom / Get updated with the hottest online topics / When communicating with others online, I can “say whatever I want and block someone whenever I don’t like what they have said” / My cost / I am just avoiding instead of solving the troubles, procrastination made me more stressed / Blue light emitted from electronic screens may affect sleep, causing harm to my body and mental health / Missed the opportunities to make good use of free time to improve life satisfaction / Internet service providers will take account of my search and web browsing history to feed me content based on my preferences, which will reinforce my thoughts unnoticeably, including biases / The more I get used to communicating online, the less willing and patient I am in spending time to converse in person. It also makes me pay less attention to being careful with my words and the need to look after others’ feelings / Try to think if you could save the time which you spend on indulging in internet, what activities that you are interested in or aspire to achieve could be done instead? / Set specific and achievable goals for improvement (for example, when I feel stressed, I will do 30-minute exercise to relax) / Limit your online activities, can use software to restrict web browsing time and the types of online activities, etc. / Set daily “no-internet period” and arrange other activities as substitutes. Keep life in balance / If feeling emotionally distressed, anxious, lonely, or can’t control yourself with internet addiction, you should seek professional help for improvement as soon as possible