Infographic Gallery - Exam is coming... dealing with anxiety DIY

Exam is coming, what can I do?
Exam is coming… dealing with anxiety DIY / I worry that I can’t cope with the numerous tasks and homework at the same time / The to-do list is so long, what should I do? / School team training / Exams / Class duties / Homework / Let’s divide the to-do list into four categories according to the level of ‘urgency’ and ‘importance’  / Discuss with relevant groups, such as your family, teachers, classmates, friends, etc. in order to make better arrangements / Pursue perfection / 3 points left to get full marks! I am really useless! / Learn to accept yourself / The goals set should match with individual abilities / My mind goes blank during exam / I have revised this question, why can’t I remember anything now? / Revise more usually, don't put everything off until the last minute / Having enough sleep every night can improve learning and memories / Keep worrying / 'Can’t finish revision' 'I must fail' 'What if I can’t go up? / Stop! Stop thinking about it! / All I need is to stay focused, and do my best! I have handled previous exams, I can do it this time! / Relax yourself with positive self-cueing and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises