Infographic Gallery - Encouraging Messages for F.1 Students

Do your best and no regrets!
Encouraging Messages for F.1 Students/F.1 Students, All the Best! Facing a completely new environment after progressing to secondary school, you will more or less feel a bit nervous and stressed. Things you’ll learn are more difficult, but don’t worry, there is always a first time for everything~~Stay strong! Nothing can overwhelm you! Secondary school life is an unforgettable memory. Fully enjoy yourself and no regrets. To those juniors who will be starting F.1, F.1 and F.2 are your “honeymoon period” but you still need to build a good foundation, especially for English and Mathematics. Advice from experience: you can play hard, but you also have to work hard. When you just start F.1, you may not be used to it. However, you’ll be fine in no time. Be optimistic^^ Difficulties are just temporary. Stay strong!^^You’ll learn that there is a big difference between primary school and secondary school! No matter what… March on, warriors! To: F.1 studentsThings you’ll need to learn in secondary school are very difficult. To me, it’s a big jump from primary school. But don’t escape! If there are difficulties that you can’t overcome on your own or matters going against your wishes, go and talk to the social worker!