Infographic Gallery - Protect yourself from doxxing (Part 2)

Set internet security settings carefully
Beware of doxxing / Protect yourself from doxxing (Part 2) / Using the same password for everything!? / Must create hard-to-crack passwords / Avoid using the same password for different online accounts, otherwise once the password gets hacked, the doxxer can gain access to your accounts with one single attack / Websites, please forget me! / Don't let websites save your login names and passwords / Search yourself online / Type your name and email in search engines, find out what kind of personal information can be searched / To lend or not to lend? Secure your computers or mobiles before lending them / When you lend your computers or mobiles, or send them for repair, bear in mind that important files may be destroyed, tampered or copied / Try to stay with the borrowers to observe how they use the devices / Back up your crucial data before repair, save it somewhere else