Infographic Gallery - Protect yourself from doxxing (Part 1)

Be careful to share anything via internet
Beware of doxxing / Protect yourself from doxxing (Part 1) / Make friends carefully / Stay away from people who reveal others' personal information to get more “Likes” / Friend is someone who has good characters and knows how to respect others / Harmony and reconciliation / Live in harmony with others / Refrain from getting into arguments both online and offline, deal with conflicts calmly and avoid making enemies to prevent yourself from being the targets of doxxing / Install anti-malware software / Prevent mobiles and computers from being hacked / Think about the consequences before posting / Don't upload photos and videos which you don't want them public / Once the information is online, it's the same as in no-man's-land where anyone can take screenshots. The information can still be searched many years later / Personal channels aren't perfectly safe private space / Even if you have set your privacy and security settings, the information shared in personal channels or social media groups may still be widely circulated