Infographic Gallery - Myths about Depression

Myths about Depression/Depression does not affect children or teenagers?Not only adults become depressed/Children and teenagers may also suffer from depression/All depressive patients suffered the same symptoms?People suffering from depression may have different symptoms/Some patients do not feel that they are in a low mood initially. Rather they may have sleep problem, feeling irritated, helpless and/or hopeless/Depression is a character weakness?Suffering from depression is not a sign of weakness/Seeking help to combat depression is a smart move/Persisted depression will affect the individual’s social and work capacity. Severely depressed patient may self-harm or even commit suicide/What can I do If I think I might be depressed?Seek help immediately when necessary/The earlier the depressed persons get help and seek treatment, the more likely and faster they can recover/Talk with someone you trust and seek help from family doctors and other professionals